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Bruce A. Kugler

Bruce A. Kugler

Contact Info

Bruce Kugler Ministries
P.O. Box 350
Sherman, IL 62684

Office Phone: 217.891.8145
Home Phone: 217.636.8117


Spouse: Marjorie
Birthday: September 1st
Evangelist Type: Bi-Vocational
Year Entered Evangelism: 2004
Year Entered Ministry: 1991
Church: Living Faith Baptist Church
Pastor: Adam Cruse
Association: Heartland Baptist Association

Evangelism Categories

Preaching Harvester Evangelist
Crusades; Revivals; Harvest/Friend Days; Evangelism Training
Preaching Harvester Evangelist/International
Crusades; Community Outreach; Evangelism Training; Conferences
Specialized Ministry: Revivalist
Ministry geared toward revival in the local church
Specialized Ministry: Bible Conferences
Topical or Exegetical Bible Conferences, Seminars
Specialized Ministry

Ministry Description

Bruce assists churches with spiritual growth, revival, and evangelism.    He has found that holding one-day events is often very fruitful and is appreciated by churches that do not regularly schedule revival or evangelism meetings.  He is widely known for his message, “God’s Courtroom,” which presents the Gospel from a legal perspective.  Although Bruce is an ordained Southern Baptist Minister, many appreciate listening to Bruce because of his background as a lawyer.    God’s Courtroom was the basis of an evangelistic film that has been broadcast in the United States on major Christian networks including NRB TV Network, Total Living Network (TLN), and TCT Network.   Over 18,000 DVDs have been distributed.   His presentation has been translated into Arabic, Spanish, and German. 

Bruce’s heart is to present the Gospel to local churches, conferences, and events in the United States and around the world.  Besides assisting numerous churches in the United States, Bruce has presented the Gospel in Nicaragua, India, Argentina, Taiwan, Palestine, and the People’s Republic of China. 

Bruce is also a recognized teacher on spiritual warfare.  He has developed a 15-hour course on spiritual warfare which includes topics including Breaking Sin Bondages, the Armor of God, Authority of the Believer, and Satan and his Fallen Angels. Bruce has trained future pastors in India on spiritual warfare.  His training materials have also been translated in Arabic.   He teaches spiritual warfare in a balanced manner and is the author of “Warfare in the Spiritual Realms – Recognizing and Resisting the Work of the Enemy in Your Life.”  His classes are available live and on-line at

Bruce and his wife Marjorie have been married for more than 30 years and have four children. Bruce was formerly a Trial Lawyer with the United States Department of Justice.   He has written discipleship booklets that assist in revival including, “Next Steps – After You Accept God’s Offer of a Pardon;”  Sinventory – A Sin Guide for the Believer,; and Warfare in the Spiritual Realms – Recognizing and resisting the work of the enemy in your life.”


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