Southern Baptist Evangelists

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Katy, Texas 77492 USA

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Name Evangelist Type Ministry State Local Baptist Association
Betty Moni Vocational Sacred Music Inc./Betty Moni Ministries TX
Glenn L. Sheppard Vocational International Prayer Ministries MO
Dr. Marolyn Jean Ford Vocational Marolyn Ford AZ
Herman Rios Vocational Klujics Ministries FL
Sam Craig Vocational Sam Craig Ministries TX
Bill Britt Vocational Compel Outreach International LA
W. M. "Billy" Graham Vocational Logia Evangelistic Association AL
Frank Harber Vocational Institute for Christian Defense TX
David L. Cobb Vocational David Cobb Evangelistic Association TN
Bruce A. Kugler Bi-Vocational God's Courtroom IL
Dr. Norman Pratt Vocational Finishing Well Ministries VA
Jay Strack Vocational Student Leadership University FL
Bill Forbes Bi-Vocational Bill Forbes Ministries FL
Deborah G. Ross Vocational Deborah Ross Ministries, Inc. NC
Jerry Spencer Vocational Jerry Spencer Ministries AL
Alex McFarland Vocational Alex McFarland Evangelistic Ministries NC
Wayne & Tina Hudson Vocational Complete in Christ Ministries, Inc. MS Attala
Sammy Tippit Vocational Sammy Tippit Ministries TX Bluebonnet Assoc, TX
Gary Maroney Vocational God-Bold Evangelism TX Bluebonnet Baptist Association
Dr. Ernie Perkins Vocational Ernie Perkins Ministries OK Capital Baptist Assoc, OK
Duane Hunt Vocational Ministry In The Outer Regions (MINTOR) OK Capital Baptist Assoc
Jeffrey (Jeff) Moody Bi-Vocational Moody Moments Ministries TN Carroll Benton Baptist Association
Glenn Dawson Vocational Glenn Dawson Evangelistic Association KY Central Kentucky Network of Baptists
Kay Cox Vocational Tom Cox World Ministries AR Clear Creek Baptist Association
Frank R. Shivers Vocational Frank Shivers Evangelistic Association SC Columbia Metro
Gary Bowlin Vocational Gary Bowlin Evangelistic Association, Inc. MS Copiah County Baptist Assoc
Beverly Massegee Vocational Massegee Ministries TX Dallas Baptist Association TX
Joe and Kim Stanley Vocational Joe & Kim Stanley Ministries GA Fairburn Baptist Assoc GA
Rick Gage Vocational Rick Gage-Go Tell Ministries GA GA
Jon Reed Vocational Jon Reed Ministries GA GA
John Bos Vocational Christ For The World, Inc. FL GOBA
Rick Allan Coram Vocational Rick Coram Ministries, Inc. FL Greater Jacksonville Baptist
Charles Massegee Vocational Massegee Ministries TX Greenville Baptist Association TX
Dr. Ronnie Hill Vocational Ronnie Hill Ministries TX Gulf Coast Baptist Assoc
Mona Faith and Gene Fant Vocational Mona Faith Ministries TX Hill County Baptist Assoc, TX
Steve Hardy Vocational Steve Hardy Evangelistic Association KY Little River Baptist Association
Roger Roller Vocational Roger Roller Evangelistic Association VA Lynchburg Baptist Assoc
Bob Smith Vocational Bob Smith Ministries, Inc. AL Madison, AL
Jerry Drace Vocational Jerry Drace Evangelistic Association TN Madison-Chester Baptist Assoc
Ron and Claudia Henderson Vocational Henderson Music Ministries, Inc. GA Mallary Baptist Assoc GA
Jerry Burgess Vocational Divine Design Ministries, Inc. KY McCreary Co., KY Assoc.
Phil Glisson Vocational Phil Glisson Ministries TN Mid-South Baptist Association
Richard L. Hamlet Vocational Global Ministries Foundation (GMF) TN MId-South Baptist Association
Clyde Chiles Vocational Turning Point Evangelistic Association MO MO
Dean Forrest Vocational Forrest Ministries, Inc. SC Montgomery Baptist Assoc
Terry Veazey Vocational Terry Veazey Ministries, Inc. AL Montgomery Baptist Association, AL
Junior Hill Vocational Junior Hill Ministries AL Morgan County Baptist Association
Finny Cherian Mathews Vocational Alpha International Ministries NC NC
Craig Church Vocational Craig Church Ministries NC NC
NewSong - Contact Billy Goodwin Vocational NewSong Ministries, Inc. GA Noonday Baptist Assoc. GA
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