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Craig Wynn Hobbs

Craig Wynn Hobbs

Contact Info

The Craig Hobbs Evangelistic Association
2145 North 330 Road
Haskell, OK 74436

Office Phone: 918.752.7244
Home Phone: 918.752.7244


Spouse: Traci
Birthday: June 13th
Evangelist Type: Vocational
Year Entered Evangelism: 2004
Year Entered Ministry: 2000
Church: First Baptist-Haskell
Pastor: Gary McKeen
Association: OK

Evangelism Categories

Preaching Harvester Evangelist/International
Crusades; Community Outreach; Evangelism Training; Conferences
Specialized Ministry

Ministry Description

Craig is described by others as a story teller, painting a picture with his words and making the Bible come to life. His messages are doctrinally sound, and he is noted for his memorization of scripture. He is deeply connected with Southern Baptist Conventions in multiple countries, and has served multiple terms as president of his states evangelists' organization.

Craig's wife, Traci, travels with him most places, and speaks to women's groups about multiple subjects. She is a personal soul-winner and a tremendous encourager. She also does ministry to widows and in prisons. Her practical approach and humility make this a powerful evangelistic team.

Those who know Craig and have heard him preach, are moved by his knowledge, understanding, passion, and memorization of the Word of God. He is noted for his ability to preach Jesus from the Old Testament, and his DVD of "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" is very popular. Many churches use it as an outreach tool.

The ministry is committed to evangelism training in and out of the United States. Craig's development of "Permission Witnessing" and "The Bible in Two Minutes" has put him teaching in front of thousands of people in conferences and break-out sessions. Though he has spoken in front of very large crowds, he always emphasizes the importance of witnessing to every individual.

Craig typically spends approximately two months of each year in Africa, where Flame of Fire Ministry has been instrumental in helping to plant numerous churches, some of which are in Muslim villages and areas. The heart of the ministry is to take the gospel to places that have been forgotten or left out. The other 10 months are spent in the United States in revival meetings and evangelism training.

"The Lord continues to open doors. I am amazed that He would let me be a part of what He is doing, and all glory goes to Him", stated Craig. "I realize our time is short, and I need to do more."

Craig is willing to to go to any church of any size. There is no church that should say that they can't have revival. God will make a way.

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