Southern Baptist Evangelists

P. O. Box 444
Katy, Texas 77492 USA

(770) 709-4657


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Name Evangelist Type Ministry State Local Baptist Association
Phil Glisson Vocational Phil Glisson Ministries TN Mid-South Baptist Association
Floyd "Lammie" Lammersfeld Vocational Jesus Said, "I Am The Way, The Truth, and The Life!" TN Weakley County Baptist Assoc, TN
Richard L. Hamlet Vocational Global Ministries Foundation (GMF) TN MId-South Baptist Association
Jeffrey Harvel Vocational Win Souls For Jesus Ministries TN Sevier County Association of Baptists
Bette Stalnecker Gibson Vocational Bette Stalnecker Gibson TN TN
Jeffrey (Jeff) Moody Bi-Vocational Moody Moments Ministries TN Carroll Benton Baptist Association
Keith Cook Vocational On The Go Ministries TN Robertson County Baptist Association
David L. Cobb Vocational David Cobb Evangelistic Association TN
Michael Gott Vocational Michael Gott Evangelistic Association TX TX
Dr. Ronnie Hill Vocational Ronnie Hill Ministries TX Gulf Coast Baptist Assoc
Betty Moni Vocational Sacred Music Inc./Betty Moni Ministries TX
Marion Warren Vocational Marion Warren Evangelistic Association TX Tarrant Baptist Association
Beverly Massegee Vocational Massegee Ministries TX Dallas Baptist Association TX
Charles Massegee Vocational Massegee Ministries TX Greenville Baptist Association TX
David Stockwell Vocational David Stockwell Evangelistic Association TX Union Baptist Association
Sammy Tippit Vocational Sammy Tippit Ministries TX Bluebonnet Assoc, TX
Sam Craig Vocational Sam Craig Ministries TX
Gary Maroney Vocational God-Bold Evangelism TX Bluebonnet Baptist Association
Frank Harber Vocational Institute for Christian Defense TX
Mona Faith and Gene Fant Vocational Mona Faith Ministries TX Hill County Baptist Assoc, TX
Amy Stockwell Vocational David Stockwell Evangelistic Association TX Union Baptist Association
Roger Roller Vocational Roger Roller Evangelistic Association VA Lynchburg Baptist Assoc
Dr. Norman Pratt Vocational Finishing Well Ministries VA
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